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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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s stewart moore joins us now, and stewart, one of the deputies was air lifted to the hospital? reporter: that is right. e-mail deputy was flown to the hospital after head injuries him in the head. morning. there was a response to a domestic violence call. moved to break up a fight, and when he did, the men pulled out an object and beat him over the head. the female jumped in, and the woman involved eventually attacked both of them. back up had to be called. >> you go from being at a call that is helping somebody to being at a call where someone is trying to take your life. this is one of those incidents. our team will look at this and
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has happened and we will ask the state attorney to prosecute them. reporter: e-mail deputy was airlifted to the regional -- the mail deputy was airlifted to the regional medical center. the female deputy was transported with minor injuries. we are still waiting on the names involved. we will give you a live update at 5:00. summer: the family of a three-year-old, who they believe is off with his mother and an escaped inmate, simply want the toddler home safe. meredith: they' re upset because the boy' s name and picture is not being broadcast statewide. summer: wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel spoke with frustrated family members about how they hope to change the state' s amber alert law. >> we are out of our mind with worry. dave: a grandmother' s a nervous wreck when she thinks of three-year-old xander. natasha quigley' s accused of helping her boyfriend, gary bullock walk away from a work release job last friday, and
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xander disappeared as well. all the grandparents are frustrated that no statewide amber alert has been issued. >> the child was taken away from his father, and he' s in a very dangerous situation. there' s a gun involved and an escaped convict, why would you not do everything in the world to get this baby back? dave: natahsa' s dad agrees every effort should be made. >> i don' t know why they can' t attach an amber alert to that search. i don' t understand that part. dave: the volusia county sheriff' s office didn' t ask for an amber alert, saying in an e-mail, the state' s amber alert program is for abducted children. a missing/escaped prison inmate doesn' t meet the program' s criteria, and the child wasn' t abducted. the grandparents want his name and photo out for all to see. >> that' s how we are in society. we care about our kids and that would really get public interest more aroused i think. >> a parent withholding a child from another parent at some
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abduction. dave: even the mom of the accused escapee agrees. >> they' re going to be looking for a little boy more intensely now than they' re going to be looking for an inmate and his girlfriend. dave: the grandparents have established facebook and twitter pages, using the phrase bring xander home. they' re emailing elected officials for a change in the law. in volusia county, dave mcdaniel, wesh 2 news. meredith: coming up at 5:00, reaction from two local senators about this case and how it relates to the use of amber alerts. meredith: right now, a statewide alert is in effect for two missing children. they may be with their parents, but their father is an accused killer. this is four-year-old edward gamez and 11-month old lizeht gamez-flores. they were last seen in fellsmere in indian river county. the parents are maria flores lopez and edward guardado gamez who is wanted for a deadly shooting in vero beach last week. four-year-old edward is three feet tall, 30 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. 11-month-old lizeht is 1'6'' and
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and brown eyes. if you spot them, do not approach them and call 911 immediately. summer: turning to the first alert forecast right now. there is some possible severe weather. meredith: let' s turn when -- let' s turn to tony mainolfi. eric: there will be a window of opportunity after sunrise tomorrow as this little piece of energy comes by overhead that can produce stronger storms. the rain is going to be the big story. much of central florida is under the marginal risk for isolated severe storms. the biggest risk is the severe rain. here is 11:00, the first sign of anything developing near marion county, 3:00 in the morning. once we get past son up, we get
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ocala down toward orlando, back to take on a beach, things become unstable. the first heavy band moves onshore, but the band here is what we have to watch. this is the potential of several inches of rain and we will be monitoring this. we have some heavy rain forecasted, and we had the storm impacts, and we will look at what the biggest concern is for the afternoon tomorrow. summer: thank you. a bomb threat turns out to be a hoax after it forced hundreds of people, most of them elementary and pre-school students to evacuate maitland' s jewish community center. as wesh 2's amanda ober tells us it caused quite a scare for parents. amanda: hundreds of pre-school and elementary students were evacuated from maitland' s jewish community center after a bomb threat was called in around 10:00 tuesday morning.
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school informing them the students were safe, but there had been an emergency. >> these are innocent children, and why would somebody do that if they didn' t dislike these children because they' re jewish? amanda: four bomb sniffing dogs were brought in to search the facility for explosives, and by 12:30 the building was given the all clear. but officials said it would remain closed for the rest of the day. police say the scare started with a call to one of the school' s landlines. a male caller who' s voice was disguised by a robotic affect said a bomb had been planted at the school it was going to take out many children. the children who were evacuated were walked down sandspur avenue here to lake sybelia elementary, where their parents picked them up. while the kids seemed calm, we talked to several parents who were shaken.
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think about when we drop our children off at the jcc. i sit on the board of directors. we do an unbelievable job. our children are safe but it' s a little scary. there' s a lot of sick people out there. amanda: police say at this point, they will investigate the incident as a bomb scare and not a hate crime. the identity of the caller remains unknown. in maitland, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. summer: certainly glad they are ok. a bomb threat also forced the evacuation of a jewish community center in palm beach gardens tuesday. no explosive was found. investigators have not said if the palm beach incident is related to the one in maitland. reports of an active shooter at be false. they posted on facebook that someone had reported shots fired and people should run and hide or fight. it was search.
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meredith: an entire community is ocala woman. she was found in her home off highway 225a there were a very large number of deputies on the scene today. reporter: investigators are mysterious murder of a woman in her home. they will not say how 57-year-old tamara bedenbaw was she was found dead monday afternoon her ranch style home off highway 225 a in ocala >> it' s quite shocking really. nothing like that happens. i feel very safe living here in this area reporter: on the scene tuesday, was a large law enforcement presence, looking for evidence for clues. was discovered by her husband, says he last saw her thursday. investigators say the couple had been married 30 years.
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they had a good relationship reporter: detectives say they have interviewed tamara' s husband, family friends and will not discuss potential suspects or how she was murdered. they do tell us she was killed sometime late sunday and early monday. what did she do for a living? >> at this point we do believe she worked a few times a week at a real estate agency office. reporter: investigators say the highway where her house is located is very busy. because this road is so well traveled, investigators want anyone who saw someone driving in or out of this driveway late sunday or early monday, to give them a call. in marion county, michelle meredith, wesh 2 news. meredith: you can call the marion county sheriff' s office at this number. in another deadly act of violence in marion county, a man has been killed by a neighbor. 32-year-old michael thomas ratliff was shot after deputies say he got into a fight with his
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door for help. in an interview, alyse lazaro talked about the violent events that occurred sunday morning. she does not want to show her face because of her injuries, but says she ran to her neighbor, ryan panzegraf, who then got into a fight with ratliff and fatally shot him. >> everyone is making it like ryan murdered a monster or something like that. that is not what this is. that' s not at all what this is, you know what i mean, he did not murder anybody and casey is not a monster. meredith: wesh 2' s greg fox will have more of his exclusive interview with lazaro on wesh 2 news at 5:00. summer: state troopers have identified the two people killed in an accident on i-4 near deltona. they say 35-year-old ernest stickle of springfield, missouri, and 21-year-old shane fleming of sanford, were thrown from their pick-up truck when it was rear-ended by a mustang around 10:30 last night. a female in the truck was critically injured. the driver of the mustang is ok. charges are pending.
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update on the orange county trash troubles from commissioners. officials with the waste division say it' s mostly going as planned. they say about 95% of people are having no problem. they found new housing developments and roads not showing up in google maps are among the issues when it comes to those delays. >> if people call us, we will get to you. i can' t tell you exactly when, but we' ll get to you as quick as we can. meredith: and in regards to that cell phone video showing a truck taking out a street light, the contractor will be on the line for fixing it. you' re reminded to make sure your trash is out on collection day at 6:00 a.m, and make sure your trash bin is facing the correct way. if you have more than one, make sure they' re each three feet apart. summer: a local world war ii veteran is hospitalized tonight after the van taking him to a medical appointment was carjacked. meredith: he was on his way to a doctor' s appointment. >> she kept saying you were going to hurt my patient and
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meredith: next on wesh 2 news at 4:00, how authorities tracked down the suspect. summer: a move to require recess for elementary students. how long students will spend on the playground. meredith: new information on the
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summer: it was a short but terrifying ride for a world war ii veteran. meredith: the car taking him to carjacked. he claims someone was following him. bob: this is what 80-year-old herbert doktor looked like before his lynx access van like this one was carjacked yesterday morning, and this is what he looks like in the hospital now. >> my dad said no sooner had the bus driver gotten him, when a man got on, announced he was taking the bus because someone was chasing him. bob: doktor says her father described the short but wild ride he took before the female
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inside the van. >> she kept saying, you' re gonna hurt my patient or kill us, and my dad flipped out of the wheel chair. bob: his daughter says doktor suffered a bleed on the brain, a broken hip and because of prior medical issues, surgery is extra risky. deputies arrested the suspect rene burgos who appeared drowsy at his first court appearance on charges of robbery carjacking and kidnapping >> i' m just somewhat familiar with mr. bergos, judge. he was held without bond. here in his carport, his family says the 80-year-old veteran waits in his chair to be picked up for kidney dialysis. today, they say they' re at a loss to explain what happened yesterday. his daughter said he suffered a bleed on the brain, and surgery is extra risky. >> he's the nicest guy in the
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how can this even happen? meredith: a spokesman said they had never had an incident like this. we were unable to talk to the bus driver. summer: families of the crew members on the sunken el faro cargo ship will soon receive settlements. court documents show the ship' s owner, maritime, will pay 10 of the families $500,000 dollars each to settle lawsuits. the ship sank in october after getting caught in a category four hurricane near the bahamas. all 33 crew members on board died. two of them were from central florida. meredith: a bill that requires students recess is moving to the state legislator. before the house unanimously passed the bill, which says they must provide 20 minutes of recess per day for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. supporters say too many schools have eliminated recess because
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>> your responsibility as state legislators is to makes -- make sure our school system is uniform. when there is no state mandate for recess, it means some kids in florida have recess and some do not. meredith: under the bill, recess cannot be taken away for disciplinary or academic reasons. summer: in just over an hour, volusia county school district leaders are moving forward with a new school uniform policy. the final draft approved by the school board includes options for three shirt colors for polos and button down shirts. the basic uniform was updated to include a white collared oxford style button down shirt and black denim pants. the school board says teachers are tired of being the clothing police and believes the change will save parents money. if approved, students would begin wearing the uniforms in august. meredith: tony mainolfi is joining us now. the sunshine went away today. tony: we have a big rainmaker on the way.
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severe storms in the morning. let me take you back outside. you can see the clouds we were alluding to. it felt good to be back into the 70' s. the dewpoint temperatures now at 60. when they are 60 or better in january, that is a sign of a healthy a storm system developing out of the gulf of mexico. the cold front will slide across the florida peninsula into the afternoon. we do have a few coastal showers offshore. this is to the north of cocoa beach where the temperatures are in the upper 60' s. farther west, winter haven, some sunshine and you were able to get up to 77 degrees. notice the wind direction, south and southeast. we are getting humid air.
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60 degrees for daytona beach by 9:00. we set the stage for the rain to arrive after 2:00 in the morning up north, especially near ocala in the villages where overnight lows will be in the 50' s. let' s take a look at futurecast, and i will show you what is happening. we get some showers coming in off the gulf of mexico at 4:00 in the morning. the have her stuff -- have your stuff comes in after 8:00 near marion county and daytona beach. near 3:00, it is going to be a wet afternoon along i-4. we are talking about the potential for several inches of rain in this particular setup. the tail and moving through brevard county and lingering through osceola county. we have a little piece of energy redeveloping by the time it gets into thursday. event.
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late morning, early afternoon hours tomorrow. the big story will be the potential for several inches of rain, up to four inches of rain. we are in a marginal risk for severe weather. the biggest impact will be the heaviest rain and maybe an isolated tornado. what does marginal risk it mean? it means we can expect wind up to 60 miles per hour. there is a potential for hail and less than 5% risk chance for a tornado. wind and the rain of the big story. let' s take a look at the updated forecast. rainfall coverage and 90% wednesday and thursday. it is going to be bad the next few days, but friday, saturday, sunday a whole lot better.
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summer: remember those controversial planned parenthood videos? there is legal action eating taken. meredith: the effects of weather after the blizzard in the northeast. summer: several people sinking in florida. what has caused it all. meredith: take a live look. this is the 417. this is the southbound lane. you can see a roadblock happening after a vehicle crashed. traffic is moving around it and they have cones up. it is not clear how many people were inside the car or if there are injuries. we would keep you updated in
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summer: eventhough the snow stopped over the weekend, the northeast blizzard continues to take a toll. take a look at what' s left of this church in silver spring, maryland where the roof couldn' t withstand the weight of several feet of snow and collapsed yesterday. no one was hurt. and parts of new york city, are still buried under two feet of snow today. people living in queens have still not seen a snowplow, and they' re not happy about it. the city says snow plows are out
4:23 pm
time to clear all of the snow because some of the blocks are very narrow, making it more difficult to get through those areas. 13 people are safe after their yacht sank off coast of south florida meredith: they had to be rescued by the u.s. coast guard last night. officials say the 106 foot serena three began taking on water about 13 nautical miles off the coast of broward county. at one point the bow of the yacht was 40 feet in the air, and within two hours the boat was underwater. the boat' s captain thinks a mechanical problem might be what caused it to sink. summer: two antiabortion activists have been indicted. the center founder and another activist had been found to tampering with a government record. both are allegedly responsible for planned parenthood videos. the videos sparked widespread protests throughout the country last year. a grand jury has since cleared the organization of any
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meredith: an update to the homeless people outside a government building in volusia county. the action being taken to keep the offices open. what every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan
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>> local. live. latebreaking. this is wesh 2 news first at 4:00 in high definition. meredith: new details regarding the homeless this -- homelessness in volusia county. summer: the plan was to move out of the building sense of friday. one employee called police after she was accosted by a homeless person there. we are live outside the building right now. what prompted all of this? reporter: it was a letter late yesterday by daytona beach mayor, asking the city manager for the city and county to work together for a joint solution. a request for this joint meeting will, february 4. baby steps in helping the homeless get off the street started last night, but not everyone took it vantage of it. karine hartley is packing up her stuff to go a take shower. she slept on the streets last night specifially at the wall or
4:27 pm
building in daytona. she did not want to take advantage of the 46 new beds in the gymnasium that the salvation army opened up at its center just down the street. hartley says you have to vacate the gym around 6:00 am. >> if you have a choice between here and choice in the bed, under blaknket and having ti walk outside and freezing, we're going to choose to say here. reporter: the salvation army says 32 people took advantage of the 46 beds available last night. this is because the growing number of homeless people camping outside the county administration building. homeless men and women were bussed from the county administration building to ballough road. aleida wiese, her brother and husband didn' t go either. she says her husband has health issues. >> his memory is not good any more. i want to know that he' s with us opposed to there. reporter: both the salvation army and the city manager are pleased with the first step efforts to help the homeless.
4:28 pm
reporter: we caught up with the city manager today. what' s goinng to happen if you don' t get them off the wall are you going have to arrest them? >> i can' t speculte right now. i can' t tell you the anwer to that. we're still doing some work. reporter: why do you think that it didn' t fill up? >> you have people with different agendas, so we will have to deal with that. reporter: the city manager says the long range goal is to get the homeless into shelter, rapid rehousing and then back into society. meredith: pretty calm out there today. we do have a few coastal showers. summer: we actually got into the 70' s.
4:29 pm
there are those coastal showers and plenty of clouds out there as we wait on our next storm system. you can see the showers just about 20 miles off to the east of the coast line. that is going to stay there for the next couple of hours. the biggest story as we get you through midmorning tomorrow into the afternoon, the line of showers and thunderstorms slowly advancing south throughout the afternoon. there may be a window of opportunity for a few a strong isolated thunderstorms. the biggest concern is going to be the heavy rain. pretty quiet through 3:00 in the morning. the first signs of moisture again to approach us, but it will not be until 8:00 in marion county at the line of thunderstorms begins to slip southward. by 5:00, we are still talking about heavy rain. the commute looks treacherous.
4:30 pm
and take a look at the timeline next. meredith: one of the strongest el nio' s is causing destruction from coast to coast. this shows the genetic situation -- this shows the dramatic situation in california, under a state of emergency. reporter: authorities in pacifica california have declared a state of emergency. the town, 15 miles southwest of san francisco, has oceanfront apartment buildings in danger of falling into the ocean. residents were given an order to evacuate, but not all are moving out. >> wouldn' t you rather be safe? >> i' d rather be safe yes, but i' d also rather not be on the street all night. >> how am i supposed to keep my job and eat in the process of this? that' s a little bit unfair. someone needs to pony up some money and some resources and come to our aid. reporter: officials plan to apply for state and federal money to repair the pier and sea wall. renovations are expected to cost millions, but the apartment complex is thought to be a lost cause. even so, some tenants aren' t budging.
4:31 pm
don' t have it like other people have it where people can just pick up and leave. i don' t have money like that. reporter: the powerful el nio system has had this town back in 1998 and homeowners managed to escape before their houses collapsed. summer: certainly some dramatic video. investigators in california believe people may be hiding three dangerous escapees. investigators say the three escaped and used bedsheets to climb out the window. despite everything that is been going on, deputies are trying to find out if they had help. >> so far, there is nothing that indicates there was specific assistance. summer: deputies are looking into ties the men have two
4:32 pm
fortunately no one was hurt, but police say three suspects tried to rob this shoe store yesterday. the clark grabbed his gun, and he got into a struggle and the gun went off. the minute ran away and there are no suspects caught. meredith: surveillance photos will hopefully help police catch purse thieves. they took a purse from the photo counter at the walmart and put it in their shopping cart. officers say they were later seen leaving and is dark-colored suv, an older model gmc or chevy trailblazer. summer: seminole county deputies have made their second arrest on revenge charges. he is accused of posting a sexual image of his wife on his facebook page.
4:33 pm
he was recently arrested for domestic battery and is charged release conditions. meredith: a palm bay man and his bites. he was talking to his neighbor on sunday when two boxers got loose and ran into the garage and started biting him. his wife stepped in to fight off the dogs. >> my wife heard me screaming as she was trying to keep the dogs off of me. they did not do a good job. she came out with a machete and was trying to stop them from attacking me. meredith: decouple couple suffered minor bites to their legs. brevard county services is investigating. the dogs were quarantined for 10 days. new information on the miskito borne virus, zika. they believe it will spread to
4:34 pm
except for ch ile. it is known to cause small heads and brains for newborns. summer: the latest poll shows things are not connect between donald trump and ted cruz with less than a week until the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton is behind bernie sanders. but there is still a question with one of bernie sanders' plans about taxes. we report. reporter: in a state where many republicans , it is a blow to ted cruz who is campaigning as a christian conservative. donald trump was endorsed by evangelicals. ted cruz declared his candidacy at the university last month,
4:35 pm
evangelicals that donald trump has to be beaten in iowa. >> if he went on to win new hampshire, there is a good chance he can be unstoppable and be the nominee. reporter: donald trump slammed ted cruz on morning joe. unlike ted cruz, donald trump said he would cut deals with democrats. >> it is wonderful to be a rebel, but you have to get some people on your side. reporter: in today' s quinnipiac poll, donald trump leads by two points. bernie sanders admits his health plan is costly, sanders and hillary clinton are virtually tied. he told i was still workers, to boost the middle class, they have to get more democrats to vote. >> if those people get out and vote, we will win big. reporter: hillary clinton is running an ad she shows her lifetime of fighting for families. there are plenty of iowa
4:36 pm
for these candidates. in 2008, the turnout was only 16%. meredith: family members of children who died at the school are one step closer to be burying them. they will get $1.5 million for the re-burials of the bodies. >> no child should be left in a field. no one knew who they were and there were no markings, like they did not exist. no one should end their lives that way. meredith: university of south florida researchers came up with their final report last thursday. it is not confirm any students were killed by the staff. seven bodies have been identified, four of those bodies have been turned over to relatives. summer: relief for
4:37 pm
orange county schools may be on the way with a vote tonight. school leaders are considering rezoning schools. if approved, some students would start the next school year at different schools. another planet moves summit university high school students to winter park high school. the meeting starts at 530. disney illegally replace them with cheaper labor. meredith: a new law that could make people -- could allow people to get cheaper
4:38 pm
>> you'
4:39 pm
summer: two former disney employees have filed a suit against the company. meredith: they state is the replace them to hire cheaper labor, specifically immigrants. they say disney is manipulating the says and replacing american workers with immigrants. they are among 250 disney workers laid off last year. they use two different companies. in a statement, they said it complies with all united states regulations regarding the says. --visas. disney says these lawsuits are based on a misrepresentation of the facts. summer: everyone wants a good credit score. if you want to make your score better, you need to be careful. there are people looking to steal your information and turn you into a crock.
4:40 pm
so you do not become a victim. reporter: when trying to make a financial decision for the future, it is often financial decisions from the past that can trip you up. lenders can see your decision in a credit report and that is where scammers see opportunity. according to the federal trade commission, there are a few easy ways to spot a credit scam. first, if the company asks for pavement before they provide services. also, if they ask you do not report credit agencies directly. the most obvious one, if they suggest giving false information for applying with a mortgage or loan. the promise of an entirely new credit identity can land you in trouble with the law. be on the lookout for anyone who suggests abandoning a social security number as a primary source of identification, and instead use a new number they assigned. in many cases, these are stolen
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which is why they have a clean credit slate. that can turn you into an identity thief. meredith: have to be careful. summer: authorities warned, if it sounds too good to beach or, it probably is. meredith: a state senate committee is considering legislation which would allow advanced registered nurse practitioners and physician assistants to prescribe controlled substances. the bill, in part, would allow them to prescribe seven day supplies of what are known as schedule two controlled substances. that includes vicodin and oxycontin. summer: a lender police are looking to hand out tickets. pedestrians, 30 cyclists and 75 out of that group, 21 people were ticketed, and another 362 were given warnings. it was part of the under pedestrian safety grant, where the goal is to crackdown on
4:42 pm
pedestrians or bicyclists. meredith: a milestone in nasa' s newest spacecraft "the orion." the pressure vessel is complete and now headed to kennedy space center. it was built in a new orleans facility which is where this picture was taken. it' s aimed the hardware will go out past the moon and back in 40 years. s official launch date. on your forecast. meredith: tony mainolfi is joining us. this calm pattern we have today, not sticking around. tony: if you are flying out tomorrow around lunchtime and 3:00, that is the window where we will have thunderstorms and rain over the airport and downtown orlando, back toward the attractions. that could cause delays. we only assume this with winter weather, but you can get them with thunderstorms. keep that in the back of your
4:43 pm
73 in orlando, east wind. developing area of low pressure. this will gently slide off toward the east. we are seeing this southerly flow. it is a lot more humid out there. temperatures outside, 73 degrees. everywhere, finally back into the 70' s. lake mary, 72. we are cooler and temperatures have fallen back into the mid-60' s near melbourne beach. melbourne, 69 down to 66. not much of a fall in temperatures expected. altamonte springs going from 72 down to 64. overnight lows, on the warm side of things. we will be at 63 in a downtown. 59, on the coast.
4:44 pm
s pinpoint some of the rain' s arrival. light showers beginning to break out near 8:00. it is 10:00 we see the first signs of the heavier rain, and by noon to 3:00, we get a window we will have to watch. this looks more like a heavy rainmaker, maybe several inches. any thicket is over wednesday evening, we get another impulse and it blows through the afternoon on thursday. here is your timeline tomorrow with the rain and embedded thunderstorms. daytona beach, a lot of the clock to 12:00. southward into the heart of i-4 in the beach line during rush hour time. this may be a little bit
4:45 pm
the pivot is going to be near sanford, orlando. i will put the heavy rain from orlando eastward. wednesday afternoon highs are going to be in the 60' north. going. tomorrow. around 75. where watching the showers with the potential for heavy rainfall. let' s take a look at your updated seven-day forecast. we pay the price wednesday and thursday, but the return on friday, saturday, sunday is absolutely gorgeous weather for your outdoor plans headed into the weekend. meredith: we are following breaking news. this is in orange county. chopper 2 is flying above the scene. this is headed eastbound.
4:46 pm
this vehicle was traveling westbound in the eastbound lane at the 528. this vehicle is pretty beat up. summer: no word on any injuries at this point, but emergency vehicles arrived moments ago, and there is one lane of traffic close.
4:47 pm
meredith: a pair of new york entrepreneurs are making the most of the winter weather. summer: they used the snow to build a boutique igloo. take a look at these. it has blankets, candles and room for four. at first the guys who built it advertised it on air bnb for $200 a night. they started getting offers to stay in their ice cave, but then air bnb took it off the site. now, they' re using word of mouth to see if someone will take them up on their offer, before it melts away. meredith: are they cooking for me? summer: it is going to melt, so you have to hurry up. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is straight ahead. what' s coming up in the next hour. angela: coming up next at 5:00, a world war ii veteran injured during a car-jacking. what wesh 2 has learned about the man police say tried to steal a patient transportation van, while the patient was still
4:48 pm
county, two sheriff' s deputies are recovering tonight after they were attacked during a domestic disturbance call. we' re live at the scene. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption coca ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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p and up p before finally selling and delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward approach. r we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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>> this is wes h 2 news at 5:00. >> he' s the nicest guy in the world. how can this even happen? stewart: right now at 5:00, outrage from the family of a world war ii veteran. he' s been hospitalized with serious injuries, sheriff' ' s deputies say he was in a lynx van that was about to take him to a medical appointment, but it was carjacked. good evening, i' m stewart moore, in for jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. herbert doktor was hurt when he was thrown out of his wheelchair wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live from the seminole county jail, where the man who deputies say stole the van, is now locked up. bob? bob: we can take you from witnesses that this guy showed up on a residential street while the driver was trying to pick up this wheelchair-bound man and then announce that he was being chased or followed.
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